Endorphin will be livestreaming FREE classes through Zoom to keep our community moving and connected! All workouts will be "at-home" friendly and will not require equipment to participate or will provide house hold item substitutions. Classes are free and open to everyone!

Livestream Class Schedule:

All livestream classes will be scheduled through Mindbody. You can view them as you would a normal class through either the Mindbody app or the Endorphin app (just search for "myendorphin" in the app store)! You can also view the schedule on our website. ALL CLASSES WILL BE LISTED UNDER THE LIVESTREAM LOCATION. You are encouraged to sign up for classes but are not required. There is no late fee or penalty for signing up.

How to Livestream a Class:

1. Download the Zoom app on your mobile device or go to on your computer.

2. Choose "Join Meeting"

3. Use "meeting" ID# 7032014234 for ALL CLASSES. This number will never change so memorize it or keep it somewhere handy.

4. After joining the class, please make sure you are on mute so others can't hear you. Check the microphone icon in the lower left hand corner!

5. Turn your video on so we can see you! Our instructors love to check in on participants and give you shoutouts throughout the workout!

6. Having issues seeing or hearing the livestream or just want to say hi? Use the chat function and drop us a comment!

On-Demand Classes:

We will be recording all livestream classes and posting them on our Endorphin Vimeo channel so you may access the workouts (for FREE) at your convenience and as often as you'd like. Our goal is to also add pre-recorded workouts and as much awesome content as we can to provide a robust resource for our community! Check out some of our videos below and make sure to visit and subscribe to our Endorphin Vimeo channel!

Please bear with us as we learn and make adjustments with livestreaming and recording. We will get as many classes up through Vimeo as possible!

Endorphin Apps for Amazon FireTV:

You can now watch all your favorite on-demand classes up on the big screen with our new Endorphin apps for Amazon FireTV. All videos posted to our Vimeo channel automatically update directly to these free apps! Just search for "Endorphin" through Amazon FireTV and there will be 4 Endorphin apps (all our videos broken out into categories):

HIIT Workouts

Yoga, Meditation & Mobility


Indoor Cycling & Warriors

Ways To Support During COVID-19:

If you are looking for a way to further support Endorphin and our amazing team of instructors (working hard on videos to keep you active!), please consider making a donation by purchasing a donation "item" through your Mindbody account. There are a range of donation amounts you can choose from. With each donation, you will receive one class drop-in that will be good for 1 year. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Get FREE access to all our classes through our Endorphin Vimeo channel!


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