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Policies & Cancellations


Show Up and Be Ready.

We ask that you please pre-register for all classes to reserve your spot AND we ask that you show up to class early/on time to guarantee that spot. 

This is how we roll:

  • For waitlisted classes, if a registered student is not present at the time class starts, their spot will be granted to (1) a person on the waitlist if they are present (2) any student who drops in without a reservation.  
  • For any class, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late, instructors have the right to turn you away. Arriving late can be disruptive for fellow students and for instructors who have planned classes. It also takes away from crucial warm-up time for the body that is necessary for a safe workout.
  • Cancel when you are not coming -it takes a few seconds to do this on either the MIND BODY or ENDORPHIN APP. This allows others to attend and notifies the instructor.

Late Cancel Policy:

We request that you cancel any reservation 10 hours prior to the start time of class. This policy stands for all classes at every Endorphin location.


  • First and Best, it keeps members accountable for achieving their fitness goals.
  • Second, it allows enough time for someone on the waitlist to be notified so they can attend class.
  • Lastly, it helps ensure the class attendance so that the instructor can plan ahead and effectively tailor an appropriate and effective workout experience for class.


Emergencies and sickness happen, please do not come when you are sick as we all want to stay healthy.

In these situations email us at contact@myendorphin or call us as soon as you are able to and we will waive the late fee.

Some specifics: 

  • Class package holders & limited visit (8x or 4x/month) members have 1 class deducted from package. 
  • If you were on the waitlist you only will be charged if you were notified 10 hours prior to the class or you confirmed your attendance and no show.

Please login to your account and check your “visits” screen to view your late cancels.

Still have questions?  Contact Us Here.

Endorphin has these policies in place to ensure fairness for all of our members and for your safety and the safety of others. We appreciate your cooperation!

Membership cancellation Policy:

We request that you send an email to to cancel your membership 7 days before your renewal date. Short term suspensions for travel or due to injury can be discussed with our customer support team. 


  • We need a 7 day window to ensure membership cancellation can be processed before your account is charged (refunds may not be granted if a request is sent outside of this timeframe).
  • Your membership will remain active through the day before your renewal, the sooner you request this cancellation, the better we can confirm you will not be charged for the next cycle. 
  • An email request from the member provides trackable information to reference.

Since we offer month to month memberships and you are not bound to a contract, you can cancel and renew your membership at any time. Our goal is to give you flexibility and allow you to come and go as you please (even though we hope you'll stay for a long time!).