First Class Free

Late Arrival & Waitlist Policy

We ask that you please register in advance for all classes to reserve your spot AND we ask that you show up to class early/on time to guarantee that spot. The following rules will be enforced along with class capacities:

  • For a full or waitlisted class, if a registered student is not present at the time class starts, their spot will be granted to (1) a person on the waitlist if they are present (2) any student who drops in without a reservation.  
  • For any class, regardless of size, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late, instructors have the right to turn you away. Arriving late can be disruptive for fellow students and for instructors who have planned classes. It also takes away from crucial warm-up time for the body that is necessary for a safe workout.

We have these policies in place to ensure fairness for all of our members and for your safety and the safety of others. We appreciate your cooperation!