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Fitness Burnout

What makes Endorphin different compared to other gyms

By Julia Dorsey - August 8, 2022

Burnout is a real thing. We've all experienced it at some point, whether with work, social life, or our workout routines. We see it constantly. People are burnt out on their Pelotons and coming back into the studio. Members are ditching the virtual workouts and craving human interaction. 

But what happens when you begin to burnout from your new workout routine? What happens when you look at your gyms schedule and it's the same class, same format, same music, week after week? Burnout begins to set in again, and now you're trapped in a contract that will cost a fortune to break. 

We hear it all the time, people begin branching out to new gyms because they want variety. People begin paying two monthly memberships to avoid repetition. This is why Endorphin offers everything from HIIT to Strength Training, from Barre to Spin classes, throw in some Yoga too.. we're the complete package. This is why Endorphin urges and supports their teachers to be creative through formatting, music, and are constantly inspired to give you a new workout every single time you walk through the door. You will never see the same exact format and movement twice. 

Endorphin's signature class "Warriors" is a combination of cycling and HIIT movements, 100% guaranteed to be different every single time you attend this class. Endorphin loves combining formats to not only give you one unqiue workout, but giving you the feel of two workouts in one! 

With consistent creativity, diverse classes and formats, we're in the business of not burning out. 
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