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Why Compete in The Endolympics?

Why it’s important to test your max effort.

By Brandon Harkey - February 24, 2022

What IS max effort?

Max effort is when you push your body to its limit. If it’s a 1 rep max or aerobic challenge - these are both considered your max effort. 

Why should you test yourself this way?
First, it’s fun!
The most important thing is to find a baseline to improve upon and set goals. 
For example, if you test your push up max rep the first time, you may get 25 reps. So the next time you test this, you could aim for 30 or 35 reps. #goals
We exercise for various reasons. No matter your reason, you should have goals that you’re working towards and a way in which to measure and achieve them! 

Why is this important? 
It will help you track progress! If you’re not progressing, you’re not improving and your training routine probably needs to be reevaluated and/or changed. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a cycle and not seeing results. 

Can you have more than one goal at a time?
Abso-freaking-lutely. You can have multiple goals running at the same time, when setting goals these are the things you need to consider and think about:
    How much time do I have to commit to training? 
Your body is only capable of a certain amount of training. This varies on your work life, personal life, and variable outside factors that may limit your training capacity. Yes, the olympic athlete vs the person working 3 jobs will have different training capacities. It’s good to know your threshold and attempt to work beyond it over time. 
    How important is this to you? 
With the various factors in play, how much do these goals mean to you? What are you willing to sacrifice or change to achieve them? 

Endorphin and the Endolympics

Where do I start? 
This is where your favorite gym and community come into play. Endorphin has created the “Endolympics” where you can train for, track, and work toward your max effort. Registering in this event will help keep you accountable to work toward these goals and create a base for long term goals to improve your fitness. 

How do I start?
Come to class!
We have carefully mapped out monthly challenges for you, they are aerobic and strength based challenges. All of our classes and coaches will be focused on helping and improving your ability to compete in these events. 

My Training Program 
The type of classes you attend are important to improve on your goals. 
We offer a wide variety of classes - if you like your strength classes (Endo Iron, Shreds, and HIIT) or your aerobic classes (Ryders, Warriors, etc.) the coaches running these classes will be there to help you with these challenges that will simultaneously help you with your personal and fitness goals.

When do I start? 
The Endolympics will be going on all year and you can participate in whichever month and challenge you’d like! We understand that it may not fit everyone’s schedule to compete in 12 challenges within a few weeks, so we have the event schedule available so you can decide which event you’d like to participate in. 

For more information, register and check out our event calendar here 
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