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Discovering Foundation Training (FT)

By: Jim Kelly - February 7, 2022

In September 2019, I was enjoying a massage until the therapist struck a spot on my backside that sent a wave of pain shooting down my right leg. 
I didn't think much of it at the time, but that was the moment I discovered a new level of pain.  Sciatica!!!   IYKYK, if you don't, imagine stinging, burning, waves of pain running down your lower back to your feet….. all day long.  Moving was almost impossible without having to fall to the floor in search of momentary relief. 
Being a new Dad of twins, I couldn’t just lay around suffering. My wife wouldn’t allow it. I had to find a solution quickly. I went to my doctor, and he prescribed pain killers. They dulled the pain but didn’t do anything to address the root issue.  I went to a chiropractor next, and the adjustments provided temporary relief, but never longer than the ride home from the appointment.  How was this happening?  I was a “youngish”, fit, yoga instructor. I thought I could stretch my way out of pain. Unfortunately, nothing was working.
I had almost come to accept my fate when I discovered Foundation Training (FT).
To be precise, I found a 12-minute video on Foundation Training on YouTube that changed my life.  Dr. Eric Goodman had a set of exercises that he guaranteed would end my back pain.  After the first time through the workout, I felt significant relief. I was amazed! I came back to the exercise’s day after day, and the pain started to fade permanently. I had found a whole new world of thought on how to heal and prevent injuries. I began a daily practice of FT (usually 10-20 minutes) to work on strengthening my body to move the way evolution intended.
Fast forward 2 years.
I received my first certification in Foundation Training, and I have been integrating the exercises into my yoga classes ever since. Now I’m able to offer standalone FT classes at Endorphin in Denver, CO! I currently teach at their City Park and Central Park locations and would love to help you learn FT. 
Long story short.... if you are currently living with pain, recognizing bad posture, or want to prevent injuries, come and take a chance on something incredible.  
In Foundation Training, we’ll learn how to:
  • improve our breath by expanding the rib cage and increasing the oxygen level in our system
  • establish a strong anchor to stabilize the body as we move through the world
  • develop movement patterns that put the hips back at the center of movement where they belong and activate the posterior chain to put the work of carrying the weight of the body back into the muscles and out of the bones and joints.  
Stop living with back pain and start breathing better, moving better and feeling better with Foundation Training at Endorphin!
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