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Endolympics Rules

Endolympics Rules

  • Must be an Endorphin Member (not a member? Sign up for a $69 Intro Month)
  • Participants of ages 12 and up are eligible
  • Each event can be attempted  as many times in the month.  Need support?  Come to the official Test Day at one of the studios.
  • Participants have to register to compete in each event (does not count if you just add your score to a whiteboard in studio).
  • Results will be combined for Denver and Eagle across all studios.
  • Each event has a set of criteria or video example that must be followed.
  • Make sure you have a witness or video documenting your amazingness.

When filling out the event's form, please use the correct formatting.

For timed events use HH:MM:SS

For repetition counted events use only a number.

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