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BRUNCH: Our "Brunch" class is hands down our most social class on the schedule that offers a fusion style workout. This class is somewhat of a “free for all” with one thing guaranteed, you will sweat, you will have tons of fun, and you may make a new friend in the process. Depending on your instructor's teaching background, this fusion style class will vary but always incorporate a hard hitting HIIT style class with other equipment utilized as well (bikes, rowers, etc.). Regardless of the format, you’ll have the most fun you could possibly have while working out! Come prepared to sweat, tax every muscle group, and potentially work out outside depending on the location. Our Broadway studio likes to throw down in the parking lot on nice sunny days! All levels are encouraged and welcome!

All of our bikes feature SPD clips, regular gym shoes or cycle shoes with SPD clips work on bikes at all of our studios (we do not rent out shoes).

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